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Our Latest Training & Tutorials On Mastering Automation With LeadDragon

Empowering Franchise Groups and Multi-Location Businesses: The LeadDragon Advantage

August 22, 2023|

The right tools are the cornerstone of success in franchise management and multi-location businesses. Enter LeadDragon – a solution embraced by franchises such as UBX Training, Anytime Fitness, and GarageForce, to revolutionize their operations, marketing, ...

How much are missed calls costing your business?

August 14, 2023|

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, where customers have many options, the significance of timely and responsive communication cannot be overstated. For small business service providers, picking up phone calls is critical to retaining valuable clients, ...

Using Marketing Automation For Your Gym or Fitness Business

January 18, 2023|

Marketing automation can be a powerful tool for fitness businesses, as it allows you to efficiently reach and engage with your audience, saving time and resources while helping to grow your business. Additionally, marketing automation ...

Does your business have a “Sales” funnel in place?

January 9, 2023|

Company owners should work hard to expand their customer base, enhance their business strategy, and increase sales prospects. Although it could appear to be one of the most challenging components of your organization, mapping out ...

Implementing Marketing Automation To Grow Your Business

January 8, 2023|

Thanks to your incredible goods and services, your business might be the best in its local area. But it might only reach its full potential if you market your business well with a powerful strategy ...

Who is the Elite Plan for?

November 13, 2022|

 The LeadDragon Elite Plan, which has a monthly price starting at $297, was specifically designed for small businesses and solopreneurs who need funnel and website-building capabilities but also requires marketing automation to automatically convert those ...

Who is the Growth Plan for?

November 13, 2022|

The LeadDragon Growth plan was designed to give business owners and entrepreneurs extra padded support by offering a dedicated account manager, slack channel, and monthly strategy calls where our team can hop in and help ...

Workflow strategy for warming up a cold list.

October 20, 2022|

Do you have a list of customers who must be reactivated? While we do not permit our users to purchase a list of people who have never heard of them, you may occasionally receive a ...

Hop on our Office Hour live support with our LeadDragon Marketing Automation Experts!

October 10, 2022|

Don’t you just hate it when you sign up for software you really want to implement but the support sucks? Yeah, we do too! At LeadDragon we’re renowned for our Chick-Fil-A level of customer ...

25 Financial Literacy Social Media Posts You Can Use To Get More Leads In LeadDragon

October 10, 2022|

Here’s 25 credit repair business social media posts and ideas to help get you the right traffic and attention. Always end your post with a call to action (CTA) like a link to one of ...

Who is the LeadDragon Pro Plan for?

September 25, 2022|

The LeadDragon Pro Plan starts at $197/month and it was uniquely made for small businesses and entrepreneurs who already have a website they love but need that marketing automation that will help convert those visitors ...

Using LeadDragon To Accelerate Your Mortgage Loan Business – Kedra Mack

December 18, 2021|

Kedra Mack from Mack's Mortgage Team is one of our wonderful users in the loan / real estate industry. She uses our system to automate her intake forms, drop voicemails, and send text & email ...

Learn How To Automate Your Appointments With One Easy Funnel & Workflow

December 18, 2021|

Setting up reminders for your appointments has never been more crucial. What good is it to generate loads of leads only for them not to show up to the appointments? Well, in this masterclass we'll ...

Collect Leads Using A Keyword Automation Workflow

December 18, 2021|

Did you know you could automate lead capture by getting your audience to text or send you a social message with a specific keyword? It's extremely useful when on a webinar or in front of ...

Tips On Building Amazing Landing Pages

December 10, 2021|

What is a landing page, and why do you need one? A landing page is a page a viewer sees on your website from clicking an ad (Facebook ad, Google ad, or YouTube ad, or ...

5 ways you can use customer analytics to increase retention rates.

November 3, 2021|

We’ve covered the topics of retention rates and retention marketing in the past, but if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that loyal customers can help a business to grow and thrive. According ...

How to easily improve your online presence to generate more business

November 3, 2021|

Let's get to work on your online presence. Where is your business today? • Take a look at the number of reviews you have on Google. • What is your average star rating? 3.3 is ...

How To Build Your Google My Business Profile

November 3, 2021|

Let’s take a look at your profile. Your Google My Business profile is often the first place online customers will find your business. The more built out and helpful your profile is, the more likely ...

The Importance Of Personal Branding

October 7, 2021|

Our CEO, Shawn Greenway explains the importance of positioning yourself as an authority and investing some resources in your personal brand to help you sell easier and more.

How To Create A VIP Text Club Like GaryVee Using LeadDragon

September 24, 2021|

Nurturing your database is a given, as you know. However, nurturing doesn't always come easy. You have to come up with strategies and ways to connect with your database that don't seem salesy and pushy. ...

Why Most Businesses Fail (Including Yours)

September 24, 2021|

Most businesses fail due to three reasons in our experience. Poor business planning No cohesive or coherent marketing strategy No sales strategy While LeadDragon facilities things, everyone must keep in mind that these things are ...

LeadDragon Versus ClickFunnels – A Side By Side Comparison

July 9, 2021|

Using this LeadDragon vs. ClickFunnels side-by-side comparison, we're helping you decide which tool is right for you. In terms of marketing automation, sales funnels, and selling online, both platforms are highly recommended. Are you ready ...

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