Manage Your Facebook & Instagram Conversations In One Place

Our system makes it extremely easy to manage all of your Facebook business Page messages and Instagram DMs in one place. Never let another lead fall through the crack with our sales inbox.

Start Prospecting On Instagram & Facebook Pages

Simply integrate your Instagram & Facebook and start responding to those conversations with LeadDragon. You can also setup workflow automations to respond and follow up on these leads for you. Your goal is to get attention and traffic into your ecosystem and LeadDragon makes it easy to automate the sales part of that strategy.

Build Powerful Automations For Social Your Messages

With our workflow automations builder, you;ll be able to setup auto-responders, reply with custom messages based on specific phrases your customers use, and much more! Truly the strategies are limitless with LeadDragon’s powerful automation tools.

Easily Create “Keyword” Automations

Sign Up People In Bulk By Getting Them To Texts or DMs You A Keyword

Trigger a series of actions when someone sends you a specific custom phrase or keyword via text or social media. When the keyword or phrase is sent to your Facebook or Instagram page, LeadDragon can send back a custom message. This specific strategy can easily be set up using our workflow features. Join our free FastTrack course to see this strategies get create from scratch in a free training video.


Bring LeadDragon on the go with our LeadConnector App

Receive all of your inbound calls with our iOS & Playstore Mobile App. Assign specific phone numbers to staff members and track calls. Text on the go to all your lead inquiries. The time-saving opportunities are endless.

  • Email, Video SMS, Calls, etc

  • Drop Ringless Voicemails
  • Track All Leads & Calls
  • Custom Business Number
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