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We took the best of digital marketing systems and combined them to create an all-in-one omnichannel marketing and sales solution. You’ll be able to easily import your existing clientele and delight them with email newsletters, birthday reminders texts, and more.


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“LeadDragon’s features help real estate agents, investors, and brokers handle more growth by automating every single stage of the sales cycle.”

Just a few reasons to use LeadDragon as Real Estate Agent or Broker

#1: Automate your business processes & tasks

Easily set up autoresponders, opt in workflows, follow ups on leads, and sending your clients notifications. We promise our system will make you excited and help you focus on what you know how to do best… getting attention & building your business! With LeadDragon it’s easy to automate everything you can think of from appointments, follow ups, and database reactivations.

#2: Setup unlimited calendars and start booking appointments

We’ve made creating self-booking calendars a breeze inside of the system. Simply choose your availability, confirmation messages, and the information you would like to collect from people wanting to book an appointment. You can even charge per appointment and send reminders to decrease your no-shows and bookings. You’re in complete control.

Did you know that 50% of people choose the company that follows up with them the fastest? So if you are leaving leads to sit for hours, days, or weeks because you don’t have the time to dedicate to following up, you could lose thousands of dollars in revenue each month!

#3: Make it extremely easy for your clients to contact you

One of most important features is a fully integrated sales conversation inbox that tracks messages, texts, calls, emails, Instagram DMs, Facebook & Google Messages, reviews and more in one place. Easy follow up on more than one channel and make your business more accessible to any potential client.

#4: Organize your business sales cycle & fulfillment with pipelines

Our pipelines give you a true bird’s-eye view of the entire sales process and the management of your existing clients. This type of centralization allows you and your sales team to track and monitor each stage of the sales process from negotiation to sales status and beyond. Never let another precious lead falls through the cracks!

#5: Capture the information you need with our forms & CRM

Keep your customer contact details in one place and up-to-date while gaining actionable insight into your business’s sales operation – all from one CRM software solution. Our drag & drop form builder helps you collect and intake the client data you need for your funnels, operations, and onboarding needs.

And say goodbye to paying for
extra tools!

The all-in-one solution for Real Estate Agents & Brokers that will help you build a sparkling reputation to grow your business

Once you close the lead, it doesn’t stop there. These clients are now vital because they are the voice of your brand. Happy clients create more happy clients through referrals and reviews. Potential clients love reading testimonials because it makes them feel like they are getting the REAL picture, not just what is marketed to them.

Our system will allow you to run your reputation management strategy through it an collect hundreds of Google Reviews to increase your local seo in your specific market.

Here are just a few of our features that can help your Real Estate business thrive!

Our system follows up on your leads for you, saving you time & money!

We use intelligent automated processes specifically designed to eliminate the pain points and tedious tasks that take up most of your time. We have created a solution that helps you capture more qualified leads and nurture them until they convert to clients. You’re the expert in your industry so let us help you take care of online lead generation and conversion strategies!

Why is automation important?

You only have 24 hours in a day. Subtract 6-8 of those hours for sleep, a few to eat, and a few to live YOUR life outside of your business. The rest is dedicated to running your business, meeting with clients, and attempting to get off the hamster wheel and take your business to the next level. Time is precious and valuable, and with that little bit you have leftover, are you making the most of it?

With an automated marketing system, you can capture leads with compelling landing pages, nurture them with immediate follow-up and follow-through and close with a new client without ever lifting a finger.

CRM Automation Software For Real Estate Agents

Build automations that text back & opt in leads for you

Our simple setup & use of automation will help you stay top of mind in your market and save you time so you can do what you know how to do best which is serve your clients.

Build landing pages for each neighborhood

Build landing pages with our drag and drop builder makes designing a listing or neighborhood specific funnel easy! When you sign up, our coaches will help you design funnels on the fly to capture leads when you need them.

Schedule all your appointment with calendars

Consolidate all of your appointments and automate reminders with our calendars features. Add your staff to manage and confirm the appointments. Sync your existing Google Calendar or Outlook to make your appointments on the go.

Get world-class automation training when you sign up

Each LeadDragon user receives two 1 on 1  onboarding calls with a LeadDragon Growth Coach. This ensures you maximize each feature and strategy for your business goals.

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