At LeadDragon, we aim to provide you with efficient and cost-effective communication solutions. Our SMS fees and charges are designed to be transparent and reflect the wholesale pricing of the carriers we work with. We believe in simplicity and passing on the best possible rates to you.

How It Works

All text messages, calls, and emails are billed based on the carriers’ pay-as-you-go pricing model. LeadDragon acts as a conduit, ensuring you benefit from competitive rates. To view your transaction history and associated costs, please follow these steps:

  1. Billing Section: Go to your account’s billing section.
  2. See Transactions: Navigate to the “See Transactions” section to access a detailed breakdown of all your transactions. Here, you’ll find information about how much each message or communication costs.

SMS/Text Pricing

The cost of SMS messages is calculated based on segments, with each segment accommodating up to 159 characters. It’s important to note that longer messages may be split into multiple segments, increasing the overall cost. Therefore, we recommend keeping your messages concise and avoiding the use of emojis or complex characters whenever possible. Try not to use emojis, as that could add costing of texting.

Average SMS Cost: The average cost of an SMS message for LeadDragon users is approximately 1.5 cents per text, based on segments.

Sample Pricing:

  • 1-159 characters: 0.0083 cents per SMS (1 segment)
  • 160-318 characters: 0.0166 cents cents per SMS (2 segments)
  • 319-477 characters: 0.0249 cents per SMS (3 segments)
  • And so on…

By keeping your texts short and to the point, you can optimize your messaging costs and ensure efficient communication with your audience.

Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions or need further clarification regarding our SMS fees and charges.

Call Pricing

Making CallsReceiving Calls

Email Pricing

$0.000709 cents per email (example: 1,000 emails = 71 cents)