Do you have a list of customers who must be reactivated? While we do not permit our users to purchase a list of people who have never heard of them, you may occasionally receive a list of customers from a vendor or conference, which is acceptable because they have agreed to receive your emails.


This method will help you warm up your list, remain compliant with anti-spam regulations, and improve your open and delivery rates.


Start with 100 contacts.

Create a workflow automation. No Trigger. The procedure will be dictated by the contact field, which we will demonstrate.


1st Action: Immediate

Send an introductory email with your new offer or information. Try not to sell. You are simply providing them with information that may assist them eventually close more transactions or provide improved turnaround times, customer service, etc. You have the concept.


2nd Action: Immediate 

In this voicemail, you should include your name and affiliation (company name).


Example Script:

Hi – John Doe from ABC Mortgage here. I wanted to talk to you about our new loan program because I think you might find it interesting. Please check your email because I emailed you everything to review. Check the promos and junk mail. You could be able to close more deals with this program. Please get back to me if you have any inquiries. Thanks


3rd Action:  Wait 2 days

Send a message. Please provide your name. It is crucial that phone companies see your name as “This is John Doe.” Some carriers may indicate “This may be John Doe” if they are aware of this. It may reduce the likelihood of it being marked as spam or unknown.



Example Script:

John Doe is who I am. My company is ABC Mortgage. Just wanted to make sure you received the email about our new loan program. If you have any questions at all, please contact me. only her to assist. Thanks


4th Action:  Wait 1 day 

Send the same email from the 1st action. 


5th Action: Wait 1 day 

Send another email with your bio or company information that distinguishes your team from the competition. Show your best work.


6th Action:  Wait 3 days

Send a follow up text.


Example Script

John Doe from ABC Mortgage here. I hope the email describing our new loan program reached you. Please let me know if there are any rejections you would like me to look at. I’d be happy to assist you and try to make things work out for you. Thanks


Additional Notes


  • Continue with more emails every week. Continue to drip on them. 
  • Repeat this process each week with a new 100 contacts. 


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