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#1 – Educational

In the dark about how to repair your credit score? Give yourself some credit – it can be complicated!

A positive credit score is based on 5 key factors:

Consistency of on-time payments
How much credit you use: one-third or less of your total credit is perfect!
How long you have been using credit: the longer your history, the better!
Having fewer credit inquiries received as a result of applying for new credit
Using many different types of credit, such as credit cards, mortgages and auto loans

Stay on top of these 5 factors and you’ll see results in no time!

If you’re looking to improve your credit score, come visit us and we’d be happy to help you bump up those numbers!

#2 – Service Announcement

We are proud to offer credit repair services!

If you’ve been rejected for a small business loan, an auto loan, or even your mortgage, we will ensure that you turn the tides – so you can stop worrying and make the most of your life!

All you need to do is contact us to get started ;)

#3 – Invite questions/Ask me anything

More than 1/3 of Americans have never checked their credit score.

Of those who never checked, many said they would rather not know.

They say ignorance is bliss, but I feel a lot better knowing I can get the money I need, when I need it.

Having some confusion about your credit score? Drop us a question in the comments below and we’ll be happy to ease your mind :)

#4 – Historical

Did you know it used to be a sin to charge interest on money lent?

Oh, how far we’ve come, for better or for worse –

What do you think?

#5 – Education

Wait a minute…

Applying for more credit can hurt my credit score.

Canceling a credit card with zero balance can hurt my credit score.
What gives?!

Yes, managing your credit is more complicated than people give it credit for – see what we did there?! – but we want to help you out however we can, so feel free to reach out to us at any time :)

#6 – Humor

Credit Repair tip #1:

If the bank is sending you letters saying your account is outstanding…

Unfortunately, it’s NOT a compliment about your financial management skills ;)

#7 – Engagement

A whopping 35% of your credit score is attributed to your payment history.

#8 – You ask, we answer

Hey wait a second – can’t I just repair my credit score myself?

Glad you asked.

Legally, a credit repair firm can’t do anything for you that you couldn’t do for yourself. So why bother hiring help?

For starters, credit repair comes in many forms depending on your situation. It involves legal and financial expertise, as well as a large commitment of your time.

But where does all this time go?

One of the main aspects of credit repair is disputing inaccurate or false information on your credit report. The first step is to carefully review your credit report in order to identify the problem areas – then one must file a number of disputes with the credit bureau.

But of course, it doesn’t end there – it is necessary to consistently follow up with the credit bureau just to make sure that they are actually looking into your claim [facepalm emoji]

If you enjoy constantly calling and waiting on hold during business hours, then by all means do it yourself!

But if you have better things to do, give us a call and we’ll be happy to handle it for you :)

#9 – Engagement

Who here spends more than they should on their credit card from time to time?

We’ve all been guilty of it at one point or another. Just remember to keep making payments ;)

What was your last big impulse buy?

#10 – History

Way back in the 1800’s, the first credit bureaus started to emerge in North America. As a result of modern mass consumerism, many businesses were in need of a system to determine whether a potential recipient for a loan could be trusted to pay it back.

However, the system they developed was far from perfect. Bureaus would take note of race, neighborhood, income, and employment status, all in a futile attempt to determine a person’s “morals”.

Then, there was FICO.

In the 1950’s, Two men got together and decided it was time to create a standardized, quantitative approach to determining someone’s lendability – one that would eliminate the prejudice that was on display in the old system.

These two men were Bill Fair and Earl Isaac.

By the 1970s, most lending institutions were using their credit scoring system.

Finally, in 1989 the FICO system made its official debut – and has since become the industry standard. Based on the original credit scoring system developed by Fair and Isaac, it is now used by lenders all around North America to determine a person’s ability to repay their loans.

Thanks Bill Fair and Earl Isaac for helping to dismantle the unfair practices of the past!

If you have any questions about the FICO system and how it affects you, feel free to drop us a comment or give us a call!

#11 – Educational

Believe it or not, it is very common for the major credit bureaus to make mistakes on your credit report.

These mistakes can hurt your credit score and stop you from getting the loans you need!

The 5 most common mistakes on a credit report are:

Incorrect personal information such as a mistaken phone number or a misspelling of your name
Duplicates of your credit accounts, making it look like you have more debt than you actually do
Non up-to-date payment statuses
Identity theft
Information from other accounts that accidentally are reported under your name

Don’t find out your credit report contains one or more of these mistakes while in the bank, pen in hand – check your credit report today, and call us to get those errors fixed pronto!

#12 – Our values

We understand that the banks will often turn down those who are most in need – all because of a bad credit score they were unaware of.

To make it even worse, this negative credit score may not even be their fault.

That’s why at [insert custom variable], we have committed ourselves to helping anyone and everyone who needs to repair their credit – for whatever reason.

Because in the face of unjust bureaucracy, we all must have the courage to stand up as a community and take our share of the wealth.

So go out and start that small business – and if you are struggling to get a loan, give us a call.

We’ll bump up those numbers and help you to take control of your financial life!

#13 – Engagement

For many, getting their first credit card is the beginning of their foray into the world of financial independence.

And the longer you build your credit history, the better your credit score will be.

Well, as long as you make your payments on time.

When did you get your first credit card?

#14 – True or False

Let’s test your financial knowledge:

Checking my own credit report will negatively impact my credit score.


#15 – Fill in the Blank

Surprisingly, over 1/3 of Americans have never checked their credit score.

#16 – Tips and Tricks

Here’s an easy way to improve your credit score:

Consider how much of your total credit you are using, and how regularly you are using it.

If you are consistently using one-third or less of your total credit, you are looking good!

So if you are going to buy something with cash, consider using your credit card instead. It will enrich your credit history and give your credit score a healthy boost!

Just remember to make your payments on time ;)

#17 – Tips and Tricks

Want an easy way to improve your credit score?

Use your credit! – It seems simple, but here’s a hot tip:

Using a variety of different types of credit will help you appear more capable of handling your finances. So whether you use a few credit cards, take out a business/auto loan, or pay towards a mortgage – the more you can use together, the higher your credit score will be!

So make your payments on time and watch that credit score climb!

#18 – Tips and Tricks
CAUTION: You may be hurting your credit score without even knowing it!
Every time you apply for a new type of credit, you are at risk of losing points on your credit score. The problem begins when you apply for multiple different types of credit within a short period of time.
So if you’re going to the bank for a loan, perhaps you should wait a bit before you apply for that new credit card.
Happy spending!

#19 – Comedy
Nobody likes being rejected.
Especially for the important things, like a mortgage or business loan.
Thankfully, the bank won’t make their decision based on your haircut or how much you can make them laugh…
They will decide by taking a look at your credit score.
If only my ex could see my credit report, maybe I wouldn’t have to fix my hair….

#20 – Milestone
We are so glad we can continue every day to make a positive impact on our beloved community by ensuring that those struggling to receive a loan will receive what they deserve!
Thank you all for your support :)

#21 – Engagement
Can I get that on credit? I’m good for it I swear… [jaw clenched/nervous emoji] Having a good credit score is a sure way to be approved for a loan.

#22 – Fill in the Blank
The longer your credit history, the more likely you are to receive a loan!

#23 – FAQ
People ask us all the time:
Why is my credit score so low?
There could be a number of reasons.
Maybe you’ve been missing payments, maybe you’ve been applying for too many credit cards, or maybe it’s not even your fault…
I’ll explain.
It is not uncommon for the credit bureau to include incorrect/misrepresentative information on your credit report.
We all make mistakes right?
Well, in this case these mistakes may prohibit you from buying a car, house, or taking out a loan to start your dream business – Not cool.
If you can’t figure out why your credit score is so low, this may be the answer you are looking for. Drop us a question in the comments or give us a call if you’d like more information on how to identify your credit issues :)

#24 – FAQ
I’m not so good with numbers… How do I know if I have a good credit score?
Thankfully, the answer is simple. There are 5 tiers of credit score:
300-579: Poor.
580-669: Fair.
670-739: Good.
740-799: Very good.
800-850: Excellent.
But how do I check my credit score?
Easy. Just call your bank and ask for your credit score (this should be free). Alternatively, you can purchase a credit score from any of the major credit bureaus, like Equifax and TransUnion.

#25 – Education
What’s your credit utilization score?!
Sounds big and scary, we know, but it’s really quite simple:
Your credit utilization score is simply the percentage of available credit you use.
Keep this number low, make your payments on time, and, in case of emergency, know that credit scores are like basketballs – they tend to bounce back pretty quickly :)

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