The LeadDragon Pro Plan starts at $197/month and it was uniquely made for small businesses and entrepreneurs who already have a website they love but need that marketing automation that will help convert those visitors into paying customers in an automated fashion.

As soon as they sign up, they’ll book a call with one of our LeadDragon coaches to assess how the system can be incorporated into their processes, operations, and their current website. They’ll be able to replace the forms, add a chat widget, and create workflows that automatically reply and alert their team’s sales and customer service agents to ensure no lead falls through the cracks. They’ll also be able to connect their social media channels such as Facebook & Instagram to schedule out content, and reply to those same conversations in the omnichannel inbox location within their LeadDragon web dashboard & our LeadConnector app. 


The small business owner is also going to be able to easily import their existing database, so they can start using their email marketing and text blast features to keep their brand name top of mind. It goes without saying, but also our CRM database features are going to make their lives easier for organizational purposes but also to learn how to operate and fulfill their business services in a much more efficient manner. 


LeadDragon’s pro plan is truly the best fit for those business owners who do not need our funnel builder, website builder, and memberships/course features. They want a simple dashboard to run all of their sales & marketing operations from, and at only $197/month, it’s truly a no-brainer. 

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