Let’s get to work on your online presence.

Where is your business today?
• Take a look at the number of reviews you
have on Google.
• What is your average star rating?

3.3 is the minimum star rating consumers
require to even consider engaging with a
business, and only 13% of consumers will
consider using a business that has a 1- or
2-star rating.


The truth about your Google profile.

First things first—why talk about Google? Well, Google’s algorithms are complicated, but one
thing is for sure: the quality and quantity of your reviews, ratings, and presence on Google
will impact where you rank in local search results. And where you rank impacts the
number of potential customers who find you online. With all this in mind, taking care of your
online presence is probably the most important marketing investment you could make.

How it impacts your business.

Did you know that 88% of consumers turn to online reviews when choosing a local
business? Right now, you might be hiding in the crowd. The good news is, with just a little
bit of work, you’ll be able to see more web traffic and foot traffic to your business from a
profile that truly makes your business shine

You’re not alone.

It might seem like a low priority to optimize your Google presence, but it’s not difficult, and
it’s worth it. The best part is, it’s totally free.

All you need to build a stand-out online presence.

Let’s get started.

It’s going to be a little bit of everything. How to increase your ratings, gain reviews, and optimize your online presence. It can feel overwhelming to
improve the quality of your Google My Business profile. How do you even know where to start? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few ideas
you can implement today to begin making your profile “the best.”

  1. Gain more reviews through text. Over a third of consumers who receive an invite over text to leave a review, will do it. You can also ask over
    email, but most consumers prefer text to email for its immediacy and ease. If you want to increase your Google review portfolio, texting invitations                                                                              is the key. Implementing texting to your company’s marketing strategy is totally free.
  2. Focus on your service. Another great way to gain positive ratings is to make sure your customers are having a positive experience. Take a non-defensive                                                          look at the negative reviews you have received. How could you have improved the experience these customers had? Think from the very start to the very end of their
    interaction with you and what might keep them coming back for more. If you focus on good service, you’ll have a lot of happy customers
    leaving positive reviews.
  3. Interact with customers online. There are many opportunities to increase your customer service efforts online. Having a strong online presence
    will help customers feel more comfortable leaving reviews and ratings, because they will be among many instead of few. You can make sure that you are available to solve problems
    through social media DMs, website chat, etc. and you should prioritize responding to online reviewers, especially those who leave biting reviews. Often a customer’s mind can be
    changed about a business simply by how they respond to their review online.

Ashley Furniture did it. You can too.

How they gained 18,500 total reviews.

Ryan Levitz, Director of Business Innovation at Ashley Furniture in Texas, was in a tight situation. Ryan told us that his job consisted of “identifying and fixing friction points both in
the customers’ and employees’ journey.” And this was a big friction point for both. Traditional sales calls trapped customers in an endless loop of waiting, holding, getting
transferred, or being sent to voicemail. Salespeople constantly had to step away from in-store clients to take a phone call or catch up on their backlog of voicemails.
Ryan was determined to fix the problem, but he was becoming frustrated and quickly running out of ideas. Some of his salespeople had tried texting their customers, but that solution had
bred a new set of problems.


The solution

Ryan mulled over this problem for months, but it seemed like he was getting nowhere. That’s when he thought of LeadDragon. Ashley Furniture had been using LeadDragon to text
review invites to their customers, and the results had exceeded all expectations. “We had a 10% to 12% increase in foot traffic that we attributed purely to LeadDragon Reviews
tool.” – Ryan Levitz Ryan began implementing LeadDragon messaging tools into his team’s daily routine. When customers contacted Ashley Furniture via Facebook, Google, or text, Ryan’s team could manage all of those conversations from their LeadDragon Inbox . Suddenly, communication was easy and frictionless. The team was no longer limiting their
text conversations to reviews; they were responding to inquiries, resolving issues, and taking orders. They even started using LeadDragon Payments to send and collect payments via
text. Months later, Ryan can lean back, stretch, and rest assured that it’s smooth selling with both employees and customers.


Your journey is just beginning.

Check out our course on how to improve your star ratings here. Or if you’re more interested in your reviews, check out our course on how to
improve your reviews on our website..


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