Grow Your B2B Business With Automated Email Outreach & Prospecting

This B2B Lead Searcher Email Marketing Course is designed to help you become a master of email marketing in your business. With step-by-step tutorials, expert guidance and a comprehensive library of resources, this course will help you create effective campaigns, increase your ROI, and maximize your B2B lead generation efforts.

LeadSearch & Lead Gen Course

Build your database and list with ease!

  • Searching for leads
  • Building your campaigns
  • Using automated email marketing
  • Growing your database
  • Search by industry, job title, country, company, area, and much more!

Use our LeadSearcher add on feature to grow your database with your dream clients anywhere! Build your list and create an outbound email outreach campaign. Learn the fundamentals of email marketing, including how to send effective emails, build effective lists, and track and measure success. This comprehensive training course will help you become a successful B2B email marketing professional using LeadDragon’s powerful LeadSearcher feature.