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How to forward your LeadDragon emails to your inbox

There are many options for setting up your email within the Settings, to include a forwarding address, BCC, or even forwarding to an assigned user. Here we’ll explain each:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > SMTP and MailGun Service. Here you will see Forwarding Address, BCC Emails, and a toggle for Forward to assigned user. Choose your preferences based on the descriptions below:

  • Forwarding address: Email replies will be sent to the chosen email inbox and will also be viewable in Conversations. (You can use more than one email address separated by a comma).
  • BCC emails: You will receive a copy of every email that is sent from that account.  (You can use more than one email address separated by a comma).
  • Forward to assigned user: Toggle this feature on or off for the specific user assigned to the particular lead to receive the email replies within their user email.

Step 2: Click Save to save your changes.

Note: With the forwarding address setup, if you reply to an email from a lead directly in your email inbox, it will only sync if you keep the same email thread. We recommend you communicate only through LeadDragon at all possible to avoid any missed emails.  

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