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How To Add Messaging To Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is a free online tool powered by Google. Many businesses use this platform as a business listing to attract more leads and gain publicity, as well as to share information about their business so people know what they offer, where to find them, and how their business performs.

What you will need

  • Google My Business Account

Step 1: Set up a Google My Business Account

  • Search “Google My Business” in your web browser.
  • Sign up if you don’t have an account, or sign in if you do already have one.

Step 2: Enable Messaging

  • Once signed in, click Messaging from the menu.
  • Follow Google’s instructions to get setup, and ensure to include all the necessary information.

  • Click “Turn On Messaging” and click OK to enable the feature.

NOTE: You can also Edit your Welcome message if you want.

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